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Syminet provides unbeatable reliability, performance and ease of use coupled with superior customer service in order to provide you with the best hosting solutions available.

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Server Cabinets

Deploy and scale effortlessly.

Spin up resources in seconds - with a single click.

Compute Slices

Performant, highly scalable servers deployed in seconds. All slices have dedicated CPU cores / ECC Memory, and can often scale online without any downtime - no reboot required.


Automated, incremental backups with the ability to restore entire images, or per file or directory.

Unbeatable Support

Timely, proactive support with the knowledge and authority to resolve issues quickly when you need it most.

Industry leading price / performance.

Reduce your infrastructure bills, while simplifying administration and without sacrificing performance.

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$24 / mo
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$70.05 / mo
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$71.47 / mo
Dedicated/Optimized 2 CPU, 4GB ECC Memory, 80GB SSD

Simple, straightforward pricing.

Cloud server resources bundled into a flat price.
Memory CPUs SSDTransferMonthly Hourly
1 GB 1 25 GB 1000GB $5 $0.01
2 GB 1 50 GB 2000GB $12 $0.017
4GB 2 80GB4000GB $24 $0.039
8GB 4 160GB4500GB $48 $0.0719
12GB 4 200GB4750GB $68 $0.1027
16GB 6 400GB 5000GB $96 $0.1622
24GB 6 500GB 5500GB $149 $0.23
32GB 8 650GB6000GB $252 $0.375
48GB 12 750GB6500GB $349 $0.5421
64GB 16 900GB7000GB $544 $0.809
96GB 20 1050GB7500GB $769 $1.184
128GB 32 1200GB8000GB $1,088 $1.619
192GB 40 1500GB9000GB $1,152 $1.628
* Larger and customized sizes available upon request.

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